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mipig cafe MICRO PIG HOUSE


This cafe is reservation only. Please book from the reservation page.(We do not accept reservations by phone calls.)

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  • We open from 9:30am to 8pm. Please come inside the cafe before your scheduled time.
Adult Elementary school child Pre-school child
The entry fee ¥660 ¥660 ¥660
First 30 minutes ¥1,100 ¥550 -
Every 30 minutes thereafter ¥550 ¥330 -
Total price for the first hour ¥2,310 ¥1,540 ¥660
mipig cafe Sapporohassamu


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Address: AEONMALL Sapporohassamu 3F (section327), 12-1-1, Hassamu-8-jo, Nishi-ku, Sapporo-shi

Phone: 011-215-5208


Please note that you are not allowed to enter mipig cafe if you are any of followings.

  • Being sick or not feeling well (micro pigs can get sick/flu from humans.)
  • Having visited China, Africa etc within 2 weeks where hog cholera has been identified.
  • Having touched a pig other than mipig cafe Fukuoka & Sapporohassamu within 2 days.

*Hog cholera does not affect humans, however pigs can get the disease via humans.

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private room

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