About mipig cafe

Q.Do I book in advance or can I walk in?
mipig cafe is reservation only and we cannot accept walk in guests. Please book from the link. https://airrsv.net/mipigcafe/calendar
Q.Can I book via phone?
Unfortunaly not, please visit https://airrsv.net/mipigcafe/calendar.
Q.How long do you recommend for guests to stay at mipig cafe?
For 1-2 hours. Please enjoy the time with micro pigs.
Q.Is it okay if I book for other seats when all seats that I want to have already been fully booked?
No problem, please book for any available seats. Also please note that the fee will be for the number of guests who visit us.
Q.Can I leave early?
Sure, however it won’t be discounted. You need to pay for the full time.
Q.Can I use credit card?
We only accept cash.
Q.Do you have any age restrictions?
We have no age limits but please note that all kids under 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Q.Can I choose which floor or move to another floor?
We will guide you and please follow the staff.
Q.I would like to meet adult micro pigs.
We only guide guests who are thinking about purchasing and have already purchased. If you would like to purchase a micro pig, please visit https://airrsv.net/mipigcafe/calendar.
Q.Is it possible to bring some food/drink with me?
Please refrain from doing it. thank you for your understanding.
Q.Is smoking allowed?
No smoking is allowed at Micro pig cafe.
Q.Can I bring my pets with me?
We’re sorry but it’s not allowed. P.S. Doggie plan has been abolished on 1st of July.
Q.Can I park my car at the cafe?
No, but there is a parking area near mipig cafe.

How to play with micro pigs

Q.Is it possible to take some photos and videos?
Yes, you can but kindly refrain from using flash photos. Also you can enter sweepstakes on Instagram and receive some special gifts. Don’t forget to use the hushtag #mipigcafe and #マイクロブタさんのお友だち (it means friends of/with micropigs!)
Q.Can I feed them?
We have snacks for them (300 yen) for limited amounts per day. Please ask our staff.
Q.When is their dinner time?
It’s around 7:30-7:40 pm.
Q.Can I pick them up?
No you are not allowed since they get upset. However they are very friendly and What time you stretch your legs, they may step up onto you.

About micro pigs

Q.How do you take care of micro pigs?
Under the guidance of the vet, we perform hygiene control and epidemic measures of the store. In addition, we keep the regular checkup at the store by the vet and the daily health condition checkup by the staffs.
Q.Do micro pigs leave the cafe when they get older?
mipig cafe is also a training place to learn sociality, and after obtaining how to deal with humans and other micro pigs, they will happily live with their new family.
Q.Do they get a rest?
Yes, they take a rest according to the compatibility with each pig, physical strength and health condition. Our staffs always check the micro pigs and when they feel tired or any change in physical condition, they take a rest in a separate room.